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Product Type: Graphite Coatings

Graphite based coatings are commonly used in applications where an extremely low coefficient of friction (0.02 to 0.06) is desired. Graphite based coatings provide effective lubrication in application loads ranging from exceptionally low up to 40,000 psi. The primary advantage of graphite is its ability to lubricate at temperatures to 1200oF (649oC) in air and up to 2000oF (1093oC) in inert environments. Another possible advantage (and sometimes disadvantage) is that graphite is conductive in nature. This is helpful in applications where lubrication and electrical conductivity is desired, but can be a disadvantage in that the same conductivity has the potential to act as an electrolyte to promote corrosion on non-corrosion resistant alloys and will also create a galvanic cell or couple with specific metals such as zinc and aluminum to accelerate corrosion. Due to the corrosion issue, most Mil Specs have prohibited its use. Because graphite coatings require some moisture be present to properly lubricate, they are not recommended in high vacuum applications. They do, however, perform well in high radiation environments. Graphite based coatings have limited color, decorative and corrosion resistant functionality. Thermally cured products tend to provide the best overall performance.



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