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Everlube Products’ engineered coatings enhance the performance of components used in a broad range of products and industries. Our customers rely on the versatility of our engineered coatings to provide multiple design solutions, such as: solid film lubrication and corrosion resistance; wear resistance and high temperature usage; durability; torque/tension properties and impact resistance.


Everlube Products’ coatings are widely used on both structural and surface aircraft fasteners for their durability, to prevent galvanic corrosion, to reduce torque/tension and interference fit variables. They also enhance the performance of valves, bearings, fuel rings, emergency oxygen systems, seat belt mechanisms and more. In fact, most commercial and military aircraft, as well as spacecraft and satellites, utilize Everlube Products for their demanding requirements.


Everlube Products offers a wide variety of coatings for the medical industry that solve unique performance issues dealing with friction, binding, conductivity, durability, fluid resistance, stiction, corrosion, and lubricity. Many of these coatings are biocompatible and can be used to coat intrusive and non-intrusive medical devices but not implantables. They may also be used in applications where traditional wet lubricants do not or cannot be used. These products are used on a many different medical related applications from surgical instruments to hospital bed assemblies.


The performance of semiconductor fabrication machinery can be greatly enhanced through the use of our protective coatings and solid film lubricants. Everlube Products’ coatings provide excellent corrosion, abrasion and chemical resistance. Along with excellent barrier protection, our solid film lubricants also provide particulate free lubrication, where traditional wet lubricants cannot be used. Our coatings are used on a wide range of semiconductor hardware and equipment such as CMP tools, clean room applications, material handling equipment, and etch machinery.


Everlube Products solid film lubricants and corrosion-resistant coatings are used on military weapons, delivery systems, vehicles and aircraft. Other applications include EMI shielding of communication instruments and missile components, as well as electrostatic dissipative coatings on ordinance. Our engineered coatings meet numerous Mil Spec requirements.


In addition to the extensive use of solid film lubricants on thread forming screws and locking bolts, the automotive industry uses solid film lubricants to make bearings, ball joints, window tracks, seat rails, locking mechanisms, hinges and seat belts and other moving parts work better. Plus, corrosion resistance extends the life of the part. Automated equipment allows us to apply coatings to very tight tolerances with consistency.

Chemical processing:

Engineered coatings are applied to a wide range of equipment used in extremely harsh environments. These environments include extremely corrosive chemicals, high temperatures, abrasion, and nuclear radiation exposure.


Everlube Products’ shielding coatings solve EMI/RFI shielding and ground-plane problems for applications ranging from FCC and other regulatory compliance to critical requirements for aircraft, missiles, and the medical industry. The diverse product technologies of Everlube Products give the EMC designer distinct advantages over other shielding processes.


Everlube Products solid film lubricants facilitate the manufacture and the performance of many fasteners. Blanks coated before stamping can be made into stronger, more perfectly formed bolts. Applying a solid film lubricant to a fastener helps reduce torque/tension variables for more accurate clamp loads. Solid film lubricants also prevent galling and make fasteners easier to remove and replace.


Solid film lubricants are useful in a myriad of industrial applications, from bearings to conveyor belts. Overall resistance to wear and friction make them an excellent choice for tube bending, extruding and die casting of aluminum and zinc.


Our engineered coatings help valves and pumps work better. Solid film lubricants prevent galling on rubber and metal parts. Corrosion-resistant coatings protect valves and pumps, controlling many problems associated with corrosive chemicals.


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