Perma-Silk GLF approved to MIL-PRF-46147

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Perma-Slik GLF approved to MIL-PRF-46147

Everlube® Products is proud to announce the official qualification of Perma-Slik GLF to MIL-PRF-46147C in both Form 1 (bulk) and Form 2 (aerosol). Perma-Slik GLF is basically a lead-free version of our long-time, MIL-SPEC qualified product Perma-Slik G.

Perma-Silk GLF provides enhanced performance, and is less hazardous and more environmentally friendly than standard Perma-Slik G. Samples and/or literature for Perma-Slik GLF can be obtained through our Customer Service Department via email at or phone directly at 1-800-428-7802.