Design Engineering



Solid film coatings/lubricants are ideal for aerospace applications since they are designed to provide lubrication in extreme thermal environments and under extreme pressures often dealt with in the aircraft, missile, and spacecraft industries. Applications include jack screws, adjusting screws, threaded fasteners, self-tapping fasteners, thrust washers, gears, levers, bearings, shafts, studs, cams, cam followers, slides, valves, pistons, nuts, bolts, etc. Solid film coatings/lubricants may be applied to a variety of components that contain carbon steel, corrosion resistant steel alloys, titanium and other common aerospace metals.

Chemical Processing

In chemical processing, solid film coatings/lubricants are mainly used for lubrication, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance. Everlube Products’ engineered coatings increase the life of a component/part 4 to 6 times that of a component/part without solid film coatings/lubricants. In drilling, solid film coatings /lubricants reduce wear and eliminate corrosion.


Typical automotive industry applications of solid film coatings/lubricants include safety systems, seating systems, door hardware, pistons, cylinders, hinge pins, plug valves, slide and followers, fasteners, lock nuts, plain bearings, rod end bearings, washers, and shafts. Solid film coatings/lubricants are resistant to chemicals, oils and solvents, and work well in intermittent or remote lubrication such as gaskets and seals. Salt spray tests indicate solid film coatings/lubricants provide outstanding corrosion protection.


Solid film coatings/lubricants minimize clamp load variability by as much as 70%, which eliminates the need for increased torque or fastener size, or a costly design change. This in turn delivers K-factors from as low as 0.10 up through 0.19. In addition, Everlube Products designs many solid film coatings/lubricants for fasteners to meet specific torque/tension requirements. Everlube Products’ solid film coatings/lubricants can also be applied over phosphate or plating to achieve the most demanding corrosion resistance.

Pump / Valve

Solid film coatings/lubricants are applied to pumps/valves in actuator shafts, bearing surfaces, orifice plates, valve bodies, fittings, and butterfly/gate valves. They solve problems associated with wear, corrosion /chemical resistance, anti-seize, steam, extreme temperatures and lubrication. They’re also used in a wide variety of pump and valve industries – power generation (steam, gas, hydro), oil and gas production, chemical and industrial plants, nuclear plants, water treatment plants, and cryogenic equipment.


Solid film coatings/lubricants are applied to a variety of aircraft, weapons, vehicles, and delivery systems. Most meet tough government Mil specs for corrosion resistance. They also resist wear and act as an anti-seize agent, preventing many types of corrosion.


Solid film coatings/lubricants are useful in a myriad of industrial applications, from bearings to conveyor belts. Overall resistance to wear and friction make them an excellent choice for tube bending, extruding, and die casting of aluminum and zinc.


Everlube Products offers a wide variety of coatings for the medical industry that solve unique performance issues dealing with friction, binding, conductivity, durability, fluid resistance, stiction, corrosion, and lubricity. Many of these coatings are biocompatible and can be used to coat intrusive and non-intrusive medical devices but not implantables. They may also be used in applications where traditional wet lubricants do not or cannot be used. These products are used on a many different medical related applications from surgical instruments to hospital bed assemblies.

Application Examples:

Component / Part Problems Solved Industry
Airframe Skin Rivets Corrosion, Friction Aerospace
Ball Valves & Seats Lubrication Pump & Valve
Bearing Surfaces Galling Wear Pump & Valve
Box Magazines – 30 Round Friction, Wear, Corrosion Military
Brake Adjusting Screws Corrosion Fasteners
Butterfly / Gate Valves Corrosion, Wear Pump & Valve
Calipers Release, Friction, Wear Automotive
Conveyor Belts Release, Wear Industrial
Elbows, Straights, Tees Corrosion / Chemical Pump & Valve
Electronic Switching Components Friction Chemical Processing
Engine Fasteners Friction Aerospace
Fastener For Aerospace Friction Fasteners
Fastener for Modems Friction Fasteners
Fittings, Diaphragms Corrosion / Chemical, Wear Pump & Valve
Gas Injectors Corrosion Automotive
Hydraulic Fittings Corrosion / Chemical Aerospace
Index Drive Shafts Corrosion Military
Inside Assembly for Door Locks Corrosion Industrial
Parts molds for Helicopter blades Release Military
Pistons for Disc Brakes Corrosion Automotive
Pressure Recording Instrument Cases Corrosion Chemical Processing
Roller Assemblies for Wood Burning Boilers Galling Wear, Friction Industrial
Screw Shaft for High-Speed Printers Lubrication Fasteners
Seal Ring for Drilling Head Corrosion, Wear Chemical Processing
Segment or Full Balls Galling Wear Pump & Valve
Rings for Braking System Corrosion, Wear, Lubrication Automotive
Spherical Bearings Friction, Wear Aerospace
Structural Fasteners Corrosion, Friction Aerospace
Turbine Blade Temperature, Wear Aerospace
Valve Bodies, Impellers Corrosion / Chemical, Wear Pump & Valve