Everlube Products Introduces New Commercial Solid Film Lubricants

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Everlube® Products Introduces New Commercial Solid Film Lubricants

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Atlanta, GA – November 27, 2002 – Everlube® Products, a leading manufacturer of solid film lubricants, has expanded its family of products with a new commercial line of solid film lubricants. These high performance lubricants solve many of the toughest problems associated with corrosion, wear, lubrication, chemical resistance and release, which makes them ideal for general industry applications.

Everlube® Products drew upon its expertise in the development and application of Molybdenum Disulfide and PTFE solid film lubricant technologies in engineering the new commercial line of products. The new 730 series products utilize a Molybdenum Disulfide based lubricant, which provides excellent lubrication, wear resistance, thermal stability and lower coefficient of friction properties. The 720 series products are PTFE-based coatings that provide very good corrosion protection and color flexibility, with exceptional lubricating properties.