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Definition – Wear is the removal of material from a solid surface as the result of mechanical action exerted by some other solid, possibly in the form of particles, or as a result of the action of strong gas or liquid currents upon a surface, especially at high temperatures. Any sliding contact between solids leads to a measurable, if small, material loss. Such losses are particularly serious in modern precision mechanisms, for if they persist they lead rapidly to mechanical failure.

Wear and Coatings – Many of our solid film lubricants provide wear resistance in applications where galling, fretting and seizing occur. These wear resistant materials enhance the base metal substrate by creating a lubricating surface, which eliminates many of the problems associated with traditional wear. Over the years, many of our dry film lubricants have solved very specific performance problems dealing with sliding and/or galling wear applications.

Types of Wear

  • Sliding Wear
  • Erosion Wear
  • Rolling Wear
  • Galling Wear

Application Examples

The following examples are of components with wear problems and the engineered coating service that solved the problems.

Component/Part Problems Solved Industry
3/4 Hex Nuts Wear Fasteners
7 Ton Gear Pullers Wear, Lubrication Automotive
Actuator Stems Galling Wear, Friction, Lubrication Pump & Valve
Bearing Surfaces Galling Wear Pump & Valve
Compressor Turbine Blades Erosion Pump & Valve
Clampdown For Tire Balancing Machine Wear Automotive
Cryogenic High Vacuum Galling Wear, Seizing Pump & Valve
Internal Lock Components Galling Wear, Friction Industrial
Nail Punch Sets Galling Wear Industrial
Orifice Plates Sliding Wear, Decorative Pump & Valve
Roller Assemblies For Wood Burning Boilers Galling Wear, Seizing Industrial
Segments or Full Balls Seizing, Galling Wear Pump & Valve
Tank Engine Gear Box Wear Military
Tank Engine Regenerator Plates Fretting Military
Tube Flanged Wear Military


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