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Product Type: PTFE Commercial Grade

Our PTFE based coatings are commonly used in applications where corrosion and lubrication are the key concern. PTFE based coatings provide effective lubrication performance in lighter load carrying applications. They also offer very good color and decorative flexibility. Our PTFE coatings do not lubricate sacrificially, which helps maintain a clean operating environment. The performance limitations of PTFE coatings are the operating temperature and the load carrying capacity. PTFE is stable to 500°F and will handle loads of approximately 20,000 psi. Thermally cured products tend to provide the best overall performance.

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Product Lube
Carrier Curing Specifications
  Everlube® 720 PTFE/MoS2 Solvent Thermal Spec List
  Everlube® 721 PTFE Solvent Thermal Spec List
  Everlube® 722 PTFE Solvent Thermal Spec List
  Everlube® 723 PTFE Solvent Thermal Spec List
Everlube 9420 PTFE Water Thermal Spec List
Lubri-Bond 320 HS PTFE Solvent Air Dry Spec List


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