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Market: Elastomeric Parts

Many of our solid film lubricants have been specifically designed for elastomeric substrates. These coatings solve performance problems including spalling, sticking, and lubricity issues. Everlube Products' coatings improve material handling performance and are used for color identification. With the flexibility to be applied by either bulk or spray methods, our coatings lend themselves well to high volume applications such as o-rings, seals and gaskets. Everlube Products' coatings adhere to and offer performance enhancements for a wide variety of elastomers such as neoprene, Viton®, EPDM, buna-N, and nitrile.

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Product Lube
Carrier Curing Specifications
  Everlube® 722 PTFE Solvent Thermal Spec List
  Everlube® 723 PTFE Solvent Thermal Spec List
  Lubri-Bond® 320R PTFE Solvent Air Dry Spec List
  Perma-Slik® RAC MoS2/C Solvent Air Dry Spec List
  Perma-Slik® RGAC C Solvent Air Dry Spec List
  Perma-Slik® RMAC MoS2 Solvent Air Dry Spec List
Everlube 9420 PTFE Water Thermal Spec List


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