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Definition – Corrosion is a natural process and is a result of the inherent tendency of metals to revert to their more stable compounds, usually through oxides and/or chemical reaction.

Corrosion and Coatings: Component corrosion performance can be greatly improved by the use of corrosion resistant coatings. These specially designed engineered coatings are functional combinations of corrosion inhibitors and other materials, which are designed to extend the corrosion protection beyond the base material ability. Many of these engineered coatings are specifically designed for corrosion control for both galvanic and fretting corrosion applications. This metal corrosion protection can be provided by these engineered coatings at very minimal thicknesses, which aids in both cost and redesign changes.

Types of Corrosion

  • Galvanic Corrosion
  • Atmospheric Corrosion
  • Chemical Corrosion
  • Thermal Corrosion

Application Examples

The following are examples of components with corrosion problems and the process that solved the problems.

Component / Part Problems Solved Industry
Air Regulator Corrosion Industrial
Ball Stud Corrosion Automotive
Brake Adjusting Screws Corrosion Fasteners
Butterfly / Gate Valve Corrosion, Wear Pump & Valve
Clutch, Throw-Out Arm Elbows Corrosion Automotive
Cranking Motor Armature Shaft Corrosion, Wear, Uniformity Automotive
Straights, Tees Chemical /Corrosion Pump & Valve
Fasteners Corrosion Industrial/Automotive
Fittings, Diaphragms Corrosion / Chemical, Wear Pump & Valve
Gas Injector Corrosion Automotive
Index Drive Shaft Corrosion Military
Inside Assembly for Door Locks Corrosion Industrial
Locator clip Corrosion Automotive
Pressure Recording Instrument Case Corrosion Chemical
Processing Rotor Shaft Corrosion, Lubrication Automotive
Seal Ring for Drilling Head Corrosion, Wear Chemical
Processing Senior Rings Corrosion, Wear, Lubrication Automotive
Shafts, Rings Corrosion, Wear Pump & Valve
Terminal Module Corrosion Electronic
Valve Bodies, Impellers Corrosion / Chemical, Wear Pump & Valve


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